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Flexible license model

How you want to use Convier will depend on your needs. The simplest model is a fully managed one where Convier manages the entire lifecycle up until you receive notifications about identified risks. At the other en of the scale, a fully hosted model gives you full access to all the capabilities, of course with excellent support from Convier engineers.
Standard Pro Enterprise
Preconfigured high risk factors
Preconfigured data model
Preconfigured data integrations
Managed deployment
Custom high risk factors
Custom data integrations
Custom data model
Hosted deployment

High risk factors

Patterns of interest that, if present, indicate that something needs be taken an extra look at. An example is invoices where the account number has changed without it being registered in CRM. When the patterns appear, you and others you appoint will be notified.

Preconfigured Custom
Convier continuously keeps list of relevant high risk factors up to date. You can extend our list of high risk factors to include others risks that are partiuclar to your business.

Data integrations

Convier is not a data provider, but connects to data stores like CRM, databases and APIs.

Preconfigured Custom
Convier connects and configures all data connections. You can extend the list of connected data sources with your own internal or external data sources.

Data model

Connected data is transformed on the fly into a unified data model. This data model consists of objects that represent any noun (person, bank account) and properties that describe them (name, account number, currency). This data model describes the entire world in which your data exist.

Preconfigured Custom
Convier creates and updates a data model relevant to your needs and risk factors. You can extend the preconfigured data model, or create a completely new one from scratch.


Convier can run pretty much anywhere. It can run as a fully managed service that Convier maintains, or it can run within your infrastructure.

Managed Hosted
Convier maintains the instance. Authentication can be done by your own identity manager (for example Azure AD), or managed by Convier. With hosted deployments you get access to a Docker image that you can deploy on premise or in your cloud environment. Updates to the software are continously made available, and all upgrades are backwards compatible.