Convier is changing how banks truly know their customers. Stay in the know

Gather all your knowledge - Use it everywhere, always

Convier acccesses data on behalf of authenticated users to create a full 360 view of data and to auto-create reports and visualizations. This provides you with an entirely new way to work with your data.
360 data view
Convier connects to and access data in other systems on behalf of the authenticated user. Data is loaded, processed, linked, evaluated and presented on the fly. No data is persisted within Convier itself.
Auto-created graphs
Instead of manually creating the same type of graph over and over, they are created automatically. In addition to being a massive time-saver, this provides an excellent framework to share knowledge about how to analyze data.
Auto-created flow charts
Similarly, an interactive and high specialized chart for "following the money" can be configured to understand how money flows through a customer, for example by country, industry or counter part.
Auto-created reports
Data that goes into the 360 view can also go into natural language reports. These reports are excellent to automatically store documentation about a customer, but also to see how the customer compares to other customers, and how it changes over time.
Entirely configurable - By you
Convier is not a static box. It is built to evolve together with you and your data. The configuration of the system is version controlled and all users are allowed to make (most types of) changes, with assigned power users having control of which changes are saved for everyone.