Get the data you need, when you need it

Reach better conclusions faster by using Convier to gather, organize and present all relevant data for your analysis

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Speed up your data retrieval

60% of the time spent on financial crime investigations goes on data retrieval. Our search templates allow you to preconfigure what data to gather for different analytics scenarios. Users get a unified view of all information about a customer, counterpart, transaction or alert, which saves them a significant amount of time on data collection.

Explore relationships

Not all cases are equally clear-cut. For those cases where analysts need to dig into the weeds of your data, Convier is the best tool to explore all connected data through one simple user interface.

Whether users are combing through relationships on the graph or using the computer-assisted query generator to ask complex questions about data, they will be able to find and understand data.

Sharing knowledge has never been this easy

If each of your analysts knew everything they all know, very few things would be able to slip by them.

Our platform enables collaboration at the core of the analytic process, so that the work each analyst does will benefit all the others. Instead of exporting your work to static reports, analyses can be shared with authorized users and teams to be further developed by you or others, making them an integral part of how you work with and understand your data.

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