Get an overview and monitor your fraud risk exposure

Be notified about potentially problematic records in your accounting system

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Fraud monitoring for corporates has never been this easy

Convier identifies potentially problematic invoices and other high-risk payments in your accounting system. This gives you an extra layer of safety against internal fraud, like embezzlement, and external fraud, like CEO fraud and business email compromise.

Wide range of fraud scenarios

The platform comes fully managed with predefined scenarios to detect fraudulent attempts to attack your organization. It looks at how payments are registered and approved, and performs network analysis to detect anomalies. You can also be notified about potentially problematic relationships between employees and vendors, and get a better overview of the relationships and roles that exist within your organization.

Adapt to changing patterns

What fraud looks like in data changes over time. Scenarios are continuously optimized to detect new and evolving risks.

Real-time notifications

The platform continuously monitors for anomalies and notifies you once a high-risk pattern is identified.

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