Bring your data together, find high-risk factors

Software to identify and understand risk in data

What high-risk factors exist in your data?

Convier is a software service that gives you a new way to detect and understand risk. Whether it's your accounting system, knowledge graph, data warehouse, or all of the above, Convier brings it all into a unified model to collect, present and monitor.

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Flexible license model

How you want to use Convier will depend on your needs. The simplest model is a fully managed one where Convier manages the entire lifecycle up until you receive notifications about identified risks. At the other en of the scale, a fully hosted model gives you full access to all the capabilities, of course with excellent support from Convier engineers.
Standard Pro Enterprise
Preconfigured high risk factors
Preconfigured data model
Preconfigured data integrations
Managed deployment
Custom high risk factors
Custom data integrations
Custom data model
Hosted deployment

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