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Ongoing Due Diligence

Use Convier to gain a complete picture of everything you really know about your customers, increasing the efficiency of KYC processes, due diligence work and more

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Illustration of the enhanced due diligence view in Convier

Information at your fingertips

Convier lets you build dedicated data views containing every piece of information relevant for the due diligence process. Weave together information about customers, transactions and counterparts, and complement it with summaries of relevant best practices and routines.

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Perpetual KYC

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Automated data collection

Weave together threads of internal and external data into a 360 narrative of your customer

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Risk identification

Analyze customer behaviour and automatically convey relevant customer risk to your analysts

Holistic illustration of how we cluster data points for report generation

Auto-generated report narratives

Generate report narratives with complete audit trail for accelerated decision-making

Embedded workflow

Convier eliminates the need for users to switch between applications for data retrieval, analytics and reporting.

Relevant data is weaved together and saved to your existing data stores, ensuring an efficient process without disrupting established operations.

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An illustration of how data is continuously synced between Convier and relevant internal data sources

A holistic view of your connected data

Convier allows full customisation of how users can interact with data to make it easy to digest and analyse

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Instant overview of sources and destinations of funds

Convier aggregates and visualises customer transaction data in an interactive application that enables users to trace the flow of funds

A screenshot of Convier's follow-the-money tool
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Graph analytics without a graph database

Convier brings together internal and external data points to create real-world representations of your data so users can better understand and interpret complex matters.

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Rich visualisations to tell your story

Define how to visualise your data to efficiently tell your investigation story.

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Data comparison

Traditional ongoing due diligence processes tend to be excessively manual.

Our platform streamlines this process, allowing users to spend less time repeatedly reviewing the same information and instead concentrate on identifying and assessing recent changes and updates.

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Screenshot of the comparison tool in Convier
Visualisation of how investigation teams can collaborate in Convier

Do it together

Convier is the only investigation platform that enables collaboration where teams can investigate complex cases together.

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Put your Investigators at the Front

Remove friction from your processes to enable investigators do what matters.

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Streamlined quality across your analysts

Automate data collection, controls and reporting to streamline across your analysts

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Complete audit trail of review activities

The platform audits every control and data retrieval in a separate log

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Embed KYC policies in the controls

Embed guidance steps and user training as part of the due diligence tasks


Reduced time on data retrieval and analytics

Regain control over your KYC

Free your analysts from cumbersome compliance. Regain control over your KYC costs while enhancing the quality and efficiency of your KYC procedures.

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