Why Convier

For years, co-founders Andreas and Petter witnessed first hand the considerable time and resources spent on complying with anti-financial crime regulations. Yet, despite these substantial efforts, the global levels of financial crime continues to rise. They realized that the people combating financial crime were struggling to make an impact, largely because valuable information and insight got lost in the sea of disconnected data.

This is why Convier was founded; to develop a tool that empowers the unsung heroes in the fight against financial crime by providing them with the insights they need - when they need it.

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The team

Our team has been developing and using cutting edge data integration and analysis technology to combat crime for over a decade.​​ Our experience is extremely specific and deep into subject matters opaque to most, but that have huge impact on the world. This gives us a unique edge in building deep value technology.

Backed by great supporters

With the backing of Norway's most seasoned investors, we're poised to craft something exceptional and enduring.