Feb 26, 2024

Convier featured in Shifter

February 2, 2023

Convier was featured in Shifter in an article about how Norwegian financial institutions spend significant amounts of money combatting financial crime

Convier featured in Shifter

Convier was featured in Shifter, a news site about Norwegian tech startups. The following is an English summary of the article: 

The article highlights the substantial spending by Norwegian financial institutions in combatting financial crime, despite yielding limited results. Andreas P. Engstrand and Petter Bjelland established Convier to address this inefficiency. Their startup aims to transform the landscape by introducing technological solutions to expedite decision-making in money laundering investigations. Convier's platform streamlines the process by simplifying complex data analysis, providing decision support for investigators. This innovative approach has attracted attention from investors due to its potential scalability and effectiveness in an industry where compliance costs significantly outweigh the recovered amounts.

Engstrand and Bjelland's venture emphasizes the need for technological intervention to enhance efficiency in combating financial crime. Convier's platform, designed to quickly interpret internal bank data, represents a significant shift in strategy, garnering interest from investors like Skyfall Ventures and Startuplab. Their approach promises a novel way forward in an industry facing challenges where traditional methods have fallen short despite extensive investments.

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Andreas Engstrand
CEO & Co-founder

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