Feb 26, 2024

Convier featured in the Norwegian newspaper, Finansavisen

March 26, 2023

Convier was featured in Finansavisen in an article explaining how we aim to streamline the data analysis required for effective financial crime prevention

Convier featured in the Norwegian newspaper, Finansavisen

On Saturday, Convier was featured in the Norwegian newspaper, Finansavisen.

The article delves into the scrutiny surrounding financial crime and introduces Convier, a startup deeply involved in investigating and analyzing such illicit activities. Founded by Andreas Engstrand and Petter Bjelland, who brought extensive experience from KPMG, Kripos, E-tjenesten, and Palantir, Convier aims to streamline the analysis of data related to financial irregularities.

Engstrand, initially a consultant at KPMG, found unexpected excitement in combating economic crimes. Over time, realizing the need for advanced technology in this field, he teamed up with Bjelland. In January 2022, Convier was launched, offering a platform to consolidate and analyze internal business data, aiding in quickly identifying suspicious activities.

The platform caters to both financial and non-financial sectors, intending to integrate with accounting systems to detect fraud risks before transactions occur. Convier foresees potential growth in their subscription-based business model, aiming for partnerships with major banks and significant revenue within the next few years.

Read the full article here.

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Andreas Engstrand
CEO & Co-founder

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