Bring your own data

Convier can integrate data from a multitude of data source types without replicating any data.

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Connect to any data source in seconds

Our platform seamlessly integrates with five primary data source types, bolstered by a robust API layer that enables effortless incorporation of custom data sources within minutes

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A screenshot of how to add data sources in Convier
Screenshot of how to integrate and configure data sources in Convier

Integrate with no code

Anyone can connect databases, spreadsheets and APIs. Integrate data from where it is stored without writing any code.

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Translate your datasets into real-world concepts

Our data model is what makes accessing and using data truly self-served. When integrating a dataset the user categorises datasets into objects, mirroring what the data represents in the real world. This enables users to interact with and uncover valuable connections and insights effortlessly.

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Data model templates
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Custom data models
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Realtime data retrieval
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A screenshot of how to setup data objects in Convier
A screenshot of Convier's view of how data objects are connected

Bring context to your data

Connect your objects to create context and explore relationships between individuals, organisations, transactions, and assets in your data.

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Entity resolution
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Data enrichment
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Data parsing

Examples of supported data sources

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